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Beauvoir Manor- Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library, BILOXI, MS

Open 7 days a week, 9:00am to 5:00pm; Beauvoir was the location of the retirement home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. The compound consisted of approximately 608 acres when Davis lived there (today, the site is approximately 52 acres Beauvoir is located in Biloxi, Mississippi across US Highway 90 from Biloxi Beach. The name "Beauvoir" means "beautiful to view". The compound consists of a Louisiana raised cottage-style plantation residence, a botanical garden, a former Confederate veterans home, a modern gift shop, a Confederate Soldier Museum, the Jefferson Davis Presidential Library and Museum, various outbuildings, and a historic Confederate cemetery which includes the Tomb of the Unknown Confederate Soldier. Five out of seven of these buildings were destroyed in Hurricane Katrina and replicas have been reconstructed. Beauvoir House, Presidential Library, Confederate Museum, historic civil war cemetery, scheduled events, and botanical gardens. re-enactments, store. Tomb of the Unknown Confederate Soldier and gift shop. A historical visit, tours, and library.

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